Laurel (garlin) soap is made from virgin olive oil and laurel berries oil. These soaps are effective against loss of hair and dandruff. It renews stem cells, and keeps body young. No additives are used. It is natural 100% It does not cause skin diseases like rash and allergies caused by products containing chemical additives and synthetics. It protects against dandruff and prevents hair loss. Due to its antiseptic properties, it is known to be good for eczema, fungi and many skin diseases. It has strong effect to relieve Teenage acne, black spots, scalp wounds and irritations. It helps to open the pores of the skin and gives a sense of comfort.. It has natural exfoliating properties. Keeps the skin soft and flexible. It reduces pains of rheumatism.

NOTE: For long-term use, keep soap on wet floor in cool and dry place. It does not contain any animal fat, foam or hardening synthetic material. It is made entirely of olive oil and vegetable oils. TS 54 and 5324 Dermatological tests have been carried out in accordance with the standards of the new cosmetic director.