Anti-dandruff and prevent hair loss. Due to its antiseptic properties; it is effective against many skin diseases like eczema, fungi, acne, wounds and scalp irritations. It is used to relieve varicose veins. It opens the pores. It increases the vitality and comfort of the body. It is preferred to use with natural fiber pumpkins. It is natural and herbal 100%. It is completely made from natural elements and does not have any side effects. It is feeding and smoothening the hair. It strengthens the thin and broken hair, earns hair a natural shining and vital appearance. It moistens dry hair and prevents the growth of bacteria on the scalp.

NOTE: For long-term use, keep soap on wet floor in cool and dry place. It does not contain any animal fat, foam or hardening synthetic material. It is made entirely of olive oil and vegetable oils. TS 54 and 5324 Dermatological tests have been carried out in accordance with the standards of the new cosmetic director.